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Welcome to the Official Bow Wow Detectives® Web site.  Lisa Loucks Christenson is the author of this long-awaited canine mystery series published by Loucks-Christenson Publishing. This series is based on Christian characters and canine sleuths, in all shapes and sizes who work together to solve suspenseful mysteries.  

I personally want to thank all our visitors and customers, interesting folks from all over the world, who stopped by once, or several times during the last several years at my White Wolf Creek™ Gallery in Stockholm, Wisconsin or  Rochester, Minnesota and encouraged me to continue on with this series.  Know that in every book, a line of your encouragement exists in the pages.

I'm forever indebted to the generosity of the families, couples, and individual dog owners who willingly shared your dogs' story, who allowed me to photograph and use your dog(s) image, and in some stories--your family pictures to develop this series into what it is now.

My goal and desires for the success of this series has never wavered. My hope is that it will raise interest in reading, or being read to, as was the case of the young boy who stopped by one day at my gallery and said, "I don't like books, they are boring." 

That got my attention. I asked him if I could read him a chapter from a book I was working on. It was just handwritten scribbles at that point. A few adults gathered around, and I finished reading him a chapter from my Bow Wow Detectives® book he looked up and said, "I don't like books, but I'd read yours." 

Those words, from that young boy made an impact on how important it was for me to write stories that promote reading, and literacy, not only children but for adults as well. 

It's no surprise at all that I have almost as many adults signed up on my mailing list as I do parents of kids looking for something new, something different. I asked every parent what they wanted in the stories for their kids. I have taken all their comments to heart, and all my books are written based off what they say they wanted. 

I  hope you'll find these family friendly books (no swearing, no gore, just good clean stories) as entertaining as I am finding it is to write them.

Kids have been collecting the Bow Wow Detectives® Photo Cards for a few years now, as well stopping by to hear about the dog stories behind this book series. Thanks for your support. I know I've had a lot of people asking, "What about the cats?" 

I wanted to let you know my Meow Meow Detectives™  has been in development for a couple years now, and by summer 2012 we'll begin releasing the first photo collector cards from the Meow Meow Detectives™ book series. A series featuring feline sleuths and their sometimes, unequally yolked companions, solving mysteries in good old family value style.



Did you know Lisa has been on working on  a bald eagle documentary for the past eight years? Come see her rare images at her             gallery, White Wolf Creek™.

        Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary 

   Watch Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary™
    on Ron Schara's Minnesota Bound
      filmed during Year Four in 2008



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 Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary 


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